Brother or Sister (F4)

A U.S. citizen may petition for a foreign national sibling of any age. This family preference is known as the F4 family preference.  Although there is no minimum age requirement for a foreign national sibling, the U.S. citizen (USC) petitioner must be at least 21 years old.  If the USC wishes to petition for more than one sibling, separate petitions must be submitted.  A Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) may not petition for his/her sibling because there is no such category.  In order to successfully bring sibling(s) to the U.S., the USC petitioner and his/her sibling beneficiary must have at least one parent in common in order to qualify. 

Sibling definition
A sibling is a brother, sister, stepbrother, stepsister, or adopted brother or sister.  The siblings do not need to share the same biological parents as long as both become "children" at the relevant time (age 16 for adopted children, and age 18 for stepchildren).

Visa Availability
Only 65,000 visas per year (plus any unused visas from the first three preference categories) are available worldwide in this visa category (which includes derivative applicants such as spouses and unmarried children less than 21 years of age).  The brother or sister must have an approved immigrant petition (I-130) and wait for a visa number to become available before applying to adjust status in the United States (Adjustment of Status) or to obtain an immigrant visa abroad at a U.S. Consulate (known as Consular Processing).  There is usually a long waiting list in this category and, depending on the sibling’s country of chargeability, s/he may have to wait several years before having the opportunity to become a Lawful Permanent Resident.  To check the current waiting list in this preference category, click here.  

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Immigrant Petition for Brother / Sister
of U.S. Citizen

If you are the U.S. Citizen seeking to only petition (part 1) for your Brother or Sister before (part 2) Adjusting Status or Consular Processing, use this iKit to help you achieve your goal.  This iKit is based on over 35 years of practice in Immigration and Nationality law.
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What's Included?

Our Immigration iKits are comprehensive all-in-one guides for individuals and businesses seeking US Immigration benefits.  Our iKits provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to submit petitions and applications under US Immigration law and are tailored to specific issues or common situations involving US Visas, Green Cards, US Citizenship, and Deportation.

Our iKits fill the void for individuals who (1) think they are sufficiently knowledgeable to prepare their own applications or petitions; and/or (2) want to avoid the substantial costs that might be associated with having a lawyer prepare the case for them.

Our "Immigrant Petition for the Spouse of a Legal Permanent Resident" iKit includes the following:
  1. Our 10 Essential Tips to a Winning Immigration Case
  2. Eligibility Requirements and how to meet them
  3. Explanation of the application process
  4. Definition of key legal terms
  5. Detailed explanation of required documents for a successful case
  6. Translation requirements
  7. Photo requirements
  8. Pertinent Immigration Laws
  9. The most current, and up to date, immigration forms to assure proper filing
  10. True Line-by-Line instructions for all mandatory and optional forms; not a repetition of the USCIS instructions
  11. How to calculate the appropriate filing fees
  12. Sample Cover Letter
  13. List of mandatory documents to include with your petition
  14. Explanation of how to prepare and send your package to USCIS
  15. What to expect after filing
  16. How to handle common situations that may occur after filing
  17. Sample Exhibits (i.e., Cover Letter, Sample Employment Letter, Translation Certificate, etc.)

Why Purchase?

The "Immigrant Petition for the Brother or Sister of a U.S. Citizen" iKit is prepared by a lawyer listed in the Best Lawyers in America and contains exclusive hints and tips that have been obtained through more than 35+ years of legal experience, exclusively in the area of Immigration and Nationality law.  This iKit:

  1. Is not a "One Size Fits All" iKit and is tailored for the initial family petition for the F4 family preference.
  2. Includes value-added Attorney insider practice tips and pointers beyond common knowledge/research available to the public
  3. Is continually updated when Immigration Law / Procedure changes
  4. Helps our customers avoid common mistakes
  5. Eliminates any potential misinterpretation of USCIS instructions
  6. Empowers and educates you to confidently take control of your immigration goals
  7. All of our iKits come with a full "Money Back Guarantee"

iKit Benefits

There are many benefits in purchasing an iKit, some of which are as follows:
  1. Pay only a small fraction of the fee that you would have paid for full attorney representation
  2. Full control over your Immigration case
  3. No appointment with an attorney
  4. Peace of mind knowing that your case was submitted accurately and efficiently the first time


Q1.  Why doesn't Immigration Links have a Call Center to complete the forms for me?
First, everyone's situation is unique and there is no "one size fits all" approach when adjusting status.  Second, the iKit competently equips you to handle your case as if an attorney were to prepare your case.  When you follow the instructions in the iKit there will be no confusion as to how to submit your I-130 Petition Package.

Q2.  How many pages are in the "Immigrant Petition for the Brother or Sister of a U.S. Citizen" iKit?
There are forty-five pages in this iKit, sixteen of which are dedicated exclusively for our true "Line-by-Line" instructions, Application Checklist, sample Cover Letters, and sample Translation document.

Q3.  Can you guarantee that I will receive my Legal Permanent Residence ("Green Card")?
There are no guarantees in life, however, if you read and follow the iKit you will obtain the peace of mind knowing that your application was submitted correctly the first time, which gives you the best chance in presenting your case to USCIS.  Additionally, you must make certain that you meet the requirements for the F3 category.  This iKit is for part one of the two part process for the foreign national married son or daughter (and derivative beneficiaries) to obtain his/her Green Card.  The second part begins when there is an available visa number, and the foreign national married son or daughter chooses either to Adjust Status in the United States or Consular Process overseas (whichever is applicable).

Q4.  I read the iKit, but may I have an attorney from prepare my case?
Yes, but first, offers three additional options beyond our proprietary iKits. 

Option 1
The first option is to purchase our "Forms Review" service, which is exclusively offered to our iKits purchasers where an immigration attorney reviews all forms, and mandatory documents that are to be submitted to USCIS, and the cover letter that you have prepared.  This is a flat fee cost.

Option 2
The second option is for you to purchase our "Forms Preparation" service, where an immigration attorney prepares all necessary forms, the cover letter, and the translation letter (if necessary) after you complete and submit our Immigration Questionnaire.  After receiving the Questionnaire, we will schedule a telephone consultation with you to go over any concerns regarding what was submitted.  Additionally, the attorney will direct you as to what documents you need to collect when submitting your case.  This service is also for a flat fee.

Option 3
The third option is for full attorney representation where an attorney will schedule an initial phone consultation and/or meeting in person (when necessary) to handle your case.  During this consultation, the attorney will proved you with the procedure and costs o handle your case.  If you decide to use our services, the cost of the consultation will be deducted from the total fee.

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ImmigrationLinks Qualifications

  1. Brother or sister must be a U.S. Citizen
  2. Alien brother or sister may be married or unmarried
  3. Brother or sister must not have committed certain criminal or immigration law violations (although a waiver may be available)
  4. Half brothers or sisters are eligible if they have a common parent
  5. Brother or sister must have been admitted or paroled into the United States and must be in lawful immigration status with certain exceptions (if applying for adjustment of status)
  6. A visa number must be available at the time of filing for adjustment (or consular processing)